New Guinea Rust Orange
Selenocosmia dichromata
These are ground dwellers from tropical western New Guinea. 
They have a beautiful salmon colored carapace and velvety black legs and abdomen.  Very sleek looking!
They were members of the Chilocosmia genus until 2000.

Range: Western New Guinea
Habitat:  Tropical forest floor.
Size: Medium tarantulas that get about 5-6 inches in legspan.
Attitude:  These tarantulas and others of their subfamily are rumored to have stronger than average venom, so prudence is advised.   Like a cobalt blue, they are very secretive and defensive.  Mine tends to stop moving when watched and readily retreats to her burrow at the drop of a pin.
Dwelling: Burrows in moist soil
Ideal Setup: A container of approximately 3 to 5 gallons filled deep with moist substrate for burrowing and perhaps a shelter. As they are burrowers, depth is actually more important that horizontal "floor room".  Like many Asian terrestrials, giving them the proper environment will help them to thrive, but also ensure that you don't see very much of them.  Supply a water dish and lightly moisten the substrate once or twice a week or so to keep a good amount of humidity.  Keep the temperature around 75-80 degrees F if possible.
Food: Any bugs that haven't been exposed to pesticides (equivalent of 3-5 crickets a week), pinky mice, etc.   Be mindful of food remains in such a high humidity environment; remove them promptly to prevent fungus growth.

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